Sunday, June 21, 2009

drifter drifts,melts and realizes

So  I finally graduated from Laughing Lotus and mere papaji came and fell in love with San francisco all over again as I do everyday. after not picking up the violin for about 4 months i opened my arms and let it slide in anyways. the entire world spread it's legs when  i sang and my fingers danced that first back reunited with all things. the trees, the bees, my own essence. This wild energy had been slithering around dormant but waiting ready to spring forth and it did so about 2 months ago. Im currently living in the most beautiful apartment in my entire life with 2 gorgeous radiant souls ( mama crow and yaqueline deyabu from cuba) both musicians and together we just played at the raw spirit fest in santa barbara and the Harmony festival in Santa Rosa and the stork club in Oakland where we live now. the shows werent anything crazy or extravagant but we touched hearts and eyes sparkled. THERE ARE BRANCHES HANGING FROM OUR CEILING and antique christmas lights ( the large ones) drifting everywhere. Its the warmest sweetest hearth to come back to and curl up all together! since ive lived here ive been making good money busking at the bart stations ( primarily 16th and 24th street in San francisco). but the story i really want to tell is of my last 2 weeks of indescribable tripping, journeying, and of Love
so tadeedadeeedaaa

as the wind moves through leaves and  the bird's feathers and travels through children's glistening hair in the sun so does my soul all our souls on this earth 
open your eyes
open your arms
free your mind 
and open wide your heart
everything has been serendipitous
I had been asked a few months ago to vend with P-kok (a natural fibers clothing store mostly importing clothes from Thailand )( the lady pat is the sweetest funniest and warm little thai chicklet) at the Harmony festival which i wanted to go to so bad because CAKE and Matisyahu were playing. I ended up getting a job at a running store that was hiring me mainly because they really needed someone for the weekend of the harmony festival so i took the job and called pat to tell her i couldnt work for her. later after moving in with mama crow and yaqui i found out we all had a spot for a little show so i called pat and asked  for the vending opportunity back ( to get into the festival for free and make some cash). somehow she still had a place for me and i went . I played a 12 hour straight jam session with a beautiful soul who i ended up having a really deep connection with. He lives in LA and i was going to be going to LA the thursday after the festival anyways so of course i went and visited him and as wind will have it , and the stirring s of curiosity and mystery i fell in love with all 
the sun, the sky, the stars and the delicious people there.
for the last couple of months, the radical restless person that I am, I've been fantasizing about becoming an ascetic and giving all my belonging s away and moving up north away from civilization and live in the wilderness or maybe just in a small remote village, moving back home to India, or moving down south to continue and grow musically and professionally and Love-ally.
he is selflessly kind and spread the curtains and opened the windows for me 
all possibilities lay in front of me constantly and i feel in my heart as always i know where i came from where i am and where im going, will go, and transform lives on an epic level 
becuase even something anything 
a pull on the heart from a melody like strings
a yearning 
that feeling of nostalgia which we dont understand often 
what ARE we longing for ??
the union with divine essentially 
to feel intertwined. in an embrace, in the womb of the mother in this world of 10,000 joys and 10,000 sorrows
is all i want to feel and to make others feel 
bright eyed and breathing 

We Share This Earth All Together This Moment
sharing a breath 
eternal Breaths