Thursday, April 23, 2009


so this is funny 
im the worst with commitments but i think im loosing all my memories so it might be good to write them down somewhere i wont loose them or they wont get lost in the poems or people's phone numbers.

san bruno is so beautiful but i walked like 2 1/2 miles to get to the train today and then found out i wouldnt be getting my check for a nother couple of days at aveda because of the adress change so i have i think 2 dollars and 50 cents?
anyways i cut my foot on the way back tonight and couldnt walk home becuase it was bleeding so i sat for about an hour at the bus stop but because it was after 12 no bus came.
i got a taxi and the guy said it'd be like 6 bucks to get to a street near the place im staying and i said i could only give him 50 cents
i got in and then he took me to the doorstep of my place and refused to let me pay him anything
gave me his card and told me his name was angel



  1. Thanks for the add missy!
    That is such a rad story! It proves some people out there really are totally amazing and kind! :]

  2. Thats awesome.I Think him giving you the card meant he will take you any where any time:)I miss you baby girl<3-Brooke

  3. Helena! I miss you so. And this story is great, it shows there still truly are tons of beautiful people in this world! <3