Sunday, November 8, 2009

lick my lips look out the window and open up the sky

a whirlwind of thoughts and touch breath and simplicity
and confusity and luscious warm strings of my heart. I have finally found a place I can call home at least for a little while and a family who I feel so deeply connected to. I live in a gypsy caravan ornate with scarves and drawings and photos and pillows with leaves
AND a possum who likes to hop about on top my roof and scratch at my slightly open fan.
I have a long dreamy park right outside my door where I can run around in and kitten catten named nanak with white paws like he just dipped them in some fresh frothing milk straight from mataji herself. Im more being songs than i am writing them and so so so excited for my travels head. Im planning on francing it and living in cote d'azur where nectar is ambrosia and lavender runs wild through the hair of silken children and long afternoons are spent smoking cigars, laughing and crossing our feet to the moons waning and waxing adoration of a hard days work
all is a chuckle and swirl. scents are extracted and exported across the world to be worn by a desert princess in rajasthan... her mirrored shawl glistens the eyes of kajal'd dark haired girls and mysterious turbaned men clap their hands to her grazing feet dancing drunk in the night.... a small californian girl sitting in topanga on her mother's wooden chest in front of the chipping vintage armoire ... the gay boys in the castro frolic with delight at l'occitane teasing and flirting with long sleek lashes lucid dreaming of the glowing engorged canopy bed.
and I cant wait to be a spark and part of this beautiful process of life
to savour the delicious delights and wonderment of all that this existence offers
its not a dream
and there is no duality
i dream my dream and i live my dream
my heart is racing and Ill never fall asleep like this but im so excited
hugs and kisses and goodnight sandman, rabbit in the moon
ill wink at you in daylight!

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